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Dr. Larson was highly recommended by a friend whose 3 kids are being treated by him. Dr. Larson and his staff are highly professional and caring. The facility is clean and fun for children. Even though he has lots of patients, we are seen on time without a long wait. They made our visit a pleasant experience and I would HIGHLY recommend him for orthodontic treatments. - Amelia C. 

I came in for an examination to see if I needed braces. From start to finish, the front desk help was super sweet and helpful, and Dr. Larson was very informative about the options of treatment. With a simple consultation, I felt more confident going back to get my teeth worked on by Dr. Stephen Larson.
I ended up getting "Invisalign" and they quickly made time to take the molds right then and there. Within a few days, everything was ready and finished.
Super sweet staff, and even more amazing work!
Highly recommended. - Caleb G. 

Love this place, nice and clean, always welcoming,  thank you for making my smile nice again - Jannel W. 

Doctor Larson and his staff are very considerate, professional, and patient. They made my grandchild and I feel that she was in great hands and she was.

I recommend Doctor Larson to anyone who is considering having their teeth straightened with braces. He is a kind person who works in his patient's best interests.  He wants the finished adjustment to look as good as possible.

My grandchild is now confident in her smile and I am confident in his orthodontic professional ability. - Ray A. 

Today October 16th, 2017, I got my braces off. I'll be 50 on Halloween at the end of the month and I'm really excited that this is done.
I mention my age because if you're putting off getting braces because you're older, just letting you know you're in good company.
I've never had my bottom teeth get to be so straight in my life. Except of course back when I was a teenager...before my wisdom teeth came in like a wrecking ball made everything go out of whack.
I'm going to see if I can upload the picture showing the difference. There was one tooth and particular in the middle that was so crooked, you might be able to make that out.
Dr. Larson his staff are all very kind people and they are a perfectionist. I'm very glad I went here. I'm going here tonight to pick up my retainer and I'll be wearing it for sure. - Matilda H. 

Dr. Larson was responsible for creating beautiful smiles for my sisters and me. I've had my braces off for years and I remember how smoothly it went from having crooked teeth to beautiful straight teeth. Dr. Larson is a perfectionist and would not remove my braces until they met his expectations.

I recently came back to have the cement on my permanent retainer fixed and it was done right away. I definitely recommend Dr. Larson to anyone who needs braces for themselves or their kids. You will definitely feel taken care of by his friendly staff and feel comfortable at their clean and beautiful aquarium-themed office. - Kathleen P.