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"In my 50's I noticed my teeth were moving and I had lost my bite. My dentist recommended Dr. Larson who offered options. Everyone on his staff is very supportive, friendly and encouraging. Just got my braces off a few weeks ago and am very pleased with the results."
— Theresa T.

"Dr. Larson is great! He was recommended to me by my dentist 10 years ago. My crooked front-bottom teeth had always bothered me; but, the fact that I was getting married in a few months gave me the incentive to find out if anything could be done. I was very pleasantly surprised when Dr. Larson said that my teeth could be straightened with a removable retainer. After only a couple of months, my smile looked great for the wedding pictures! And, my teeth are still perfectly straight today. I returned to Dr. Larson last year. With my teeth nice and straight, I thought I'd look into my less noticeable (but annoying to me) cross-bite. Again, Dr. Larson discussed the options, answered my many questions, and patiently explained the pros and cons so that together we could decide on the best solution (braces for my top teeth this time). He mounted the braces taking into consideration the way that I smile so that they were barely noticeable. Dr. Larson is efficient (both of my treatments were completed within a year) while also being a perfectionist. Many times, I didn't even notice the small details that he found to correct. I always felt confident that he was taking the time to do things the right way while still getting me through the treatments as quickly as possible. I usually made my appointments in the morning before work. I never had to wait more than a few minutes. They got me in and out fast. Dr. Larson's office environment along with his friendly, cheerful, and professional staff make it a great place for kids of any age! Three for Three... Both our children have absolutely beautiful smiles thanks to the wonderful work done by Dr. Larson. I think of him as a teeth strategist - carefully architecting and executing a treatment plan designed to deliver the perfect smile. We had two challenging cases for him and have stellar results. It is clear that he loves what he does and takes a lot of pride in his work. He also has an incredibly gentle touch when working inside your mouth. The team is very customer focused. The office is flexible in working with your financial needs and timing. Dr Larson will also treat adults; I had several years of treatment to make a major adjustment to my bite and straighten my teeth. When I had an issue, I called his cell phone and he came in to treat me even though the office was closed. I could not have made a better decision for myself or the children."
— Elizabeth S.
Redwood City, CA

"From the genuine smiles to excellent and professional care, Dr. Larson and his wonderful staff make you feel like you have made the right choice in choosing them. I also went in after a recommendation and am so happy I did. I had been wanting braces for years (I'm 31 now) and decided it was finally time to do it and have the straight teeth I'd been longing for. I went in for the consultation and the rest is history. Dr. Larson and his staff gave me detailed updates on how my teeth were doing at each visit and towards the end, Dr. Larson would say I was close, but still had a tooth or two that still needed to move a bit. I trusted his educated opionion and I now have my braces off and my teeth look and feel great! The quoted time-frame was accurate (I didn't miss one visit!) and I actually looked forward to them as there are fun (kid) movies playing in front of each patient's chair. Yes I am a grown adult but still find these movies cute and at times hilarious. The office has an soothing underwater aquarium feel which I bet the kids' love. I know I did. Thanks Dr. Larson."
— Flo L.
Los Altos, CA

"Dr. Larson is very thorough and professional. My son's teeth look terrific!"
— Laura L.
Santa Clara, CA

"I am so Happy with my new smile! All the team is the best!"
— Michelle N.
Los Altos, CA

"When we needed to find an orthodontist for our 8 year old son, we did the usual online research and then turned to the fellow word-of-mouth mom approach. Several students from our school and parents highly recommended Dr. Larson. We chose Dr. Larson because he is very honest, personable and highly recommended. He takes the time to explain what his approach is and to answer any questions you may have. His staff and front office are warm, personable and just all-around wonderful people! We have one child finished with braces; and have one more to go!"
— Eben Y.
Mountain View, CA

"When my dentist referred me to Dr. Larson, and told me that Dr. Larson took care of his family's orthodontic needs, that sold me. Very happy to say that Dr. Larson has taken excellent care of me, too! My treatment involved invisalign and a limited set of traditional braces for one stubborn tooth (bicuspid, I think). Friendly staff always with nice, bright smiles; one of the dental techs had his teeth straightened by Dr. Larson and he's got a great smile. Bottom line, if you want your teeth straightened, come see Dr. Larson. I'm glad I did!"
— Sandy C.
Mountain View, CA

"Was so impressed with Dr. Larson. First off, he really talked to me about what my teeth were doing and why it would be beneficial to get braces again. No one loves doing that as an adult, but he's had me coming back regularly to check the progress and was very nice every time! His professionalism and ability really made me feel confident about the decision. Now my teeth are beautiful! Highly recommend!!"
— Los Altos, CA

"I checked out 4 other orthodontic doctors before I sign contracts with them for me and my 2 kids. Others asked us for similar or more price. Others don't have patients when we got there. Others don't have more than 1-2 staff. They are known in my area. I suggested my friend to check them out. They were looking for an orthodontist since a few weeks, and even check out some in San Francisco or San Jose. She went there with her kids, and she sign the contracts too, because like I said, there is a positive difference you can tell and feel when you compare them with the others. I trust Dr. Larson and his whole crew. They are very polite, gentle, clean, and honest! Check them out. You won't regret it."

"This letter is long delayed as time got away on me. It should have gone out over a year ago! I'm writing to tell you how pleased and happy we are about the work you did on our daughter Nina's teeth! She has a BEAUTIFUL smile now! Our only regret is that we weren't in a position to have done this for her so much sooner. I think she was a senior in high school when we could finally do it, but by 20 she had her braces off. She is still getting used to the fact she can truly have an open smile on pictures. She is so thankful that she had this work done. It is amazing what it can do for a person. You do EXCELLENT work, and we have highly recommended you to our friends and family. Your staff is so friendly too; the atmosphere is one that relaxes your patients as everyone has a smile on their face. You are a very kind person, and it is obvious you hire staff with the same wonderful disposition. I remember how self-conscious Nina was when she first went in to discuss braces, and you reassured her that she will have a good smile at the end of the process. It was hard for her to imagine. She has thanked us countless times for having her teeth straightened. She even has a broader smile! The change is amazing; it was such a good investment! What a transformation, and it has helped with self-confidence. We were glad when our oldest son, Luke, started going to you too. What a difference it has made for him too. He's actually smiling in a relaxed way rather than keeping his mouth closed. Although his work schedule has delayed his progress, it has nothing to do with you! We look forward to seeing how he looks when the braces are off. Again, we THANK YOU SO MUCH! This world is way too busy and stressful and it seems people have time to complain but often don't stop to express their thanks to ones like you who do outstanding, skillful work. And really, the ones like you are very rare. You are truly a good person."
— Chuck & Bonnie Mullins

"We received your congratulatory letter regarding Ben's completion of orthodontics. As with our daughter, we appreciate once again, your patience with Ben's changing high school schedule and your willingness to accommodate us in a pinch! In addition, your understanding of his repeated broken brackets (teenagers!). I know you will see Ben from time to the time for post-treatment retainer appointments. With both of our children, your attention to detail and a level of perfectionism has rendered them both with beautiful smiles. Thank you! We'll be happy to recommend you to family and friends."
— Mr. and Mrs. Noyes

"Thanks so much for treating Miles' case. His teeth look great!!!!"
— Dr. Mark

"Thank you for putting on my braces and sending the pic. I love the picture! Thank you for letting me vote for the Jelly Bean and for the gift certificate!"
— Little Edgar

"Our experiences with your offices have been extremely positive over the past years. During our first, the administrative assistant gave us complete information as to what you expected during our ensuing visits. You provided a complete explanation as to the work needed to properly align the teeth. The financial advisor allowed us 100% flexibility to customize our payment plan. The orthodontic assistants were always pleasant; praising our children for following instructions and encouraged them with "keep up the good work." Your follow-up appointments, to be sure their teeth do not shift back out of alignment, is a procedure other doctors may not provide. Dr. Larson, your office is complete and we have had very pleasant experiences. However, none compare to the satisfaction we have when we see the SMILES on our children's faces. Also, we LOVE your BIG screen TV!!! Keep up the good work!"
— Stephanie

"A short note of THANKS for creating a wonderful smile on my son David. His teeth look great! He recently had his braces removed and he is very proud of the new smile and the feeling of confidence is obvious. Again, thank you for the professional work both of you and your staff performed."
— Jack

"I would like to thank you for all your hard work. I am really happy that my braces are off now and all I have to endure are these simple removable retainers. Once again, I thank you and your staff for all the work you have done."
— Rakesh

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